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Refund Policy

1. Repaying provision allows a 15-days applying period following the date of delivery.

2. Still, a client can turn back after the period lapses citing quality on the payment of a 30% proof-reader's and 50% reviewing fee (The 30% and 50% is substantially dependent on file size).

3. Repaying clause covers solely Group A/Finest & B/High-Quality audio quality.

4. We subsidize add-on proof-reader's input where quality can be revamped before processing the repaying application.

5. The application's admissibility depends on whether the additional proofreader's efforts fail to meet quality threshold. A reviewed carbon-copy should be sent along.

6.Repaying clause exempts Difficult-to-Crack audio/video and Rush Ordered files.

7. Repaying provision does not promise an inviolable condition of accuracy for Difficult-to-Crack and Rush Ordered output.

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